Direct payments

Direct Payments

A Managed Account

An account for anyone benefiting from a direct payment who doesn’t feel confident in managing their finances on their own.

With a direct payment account you don’t need to open your own bank account or handle any money yourself. The Local Authority will transfer the funds directly into this account every four weeks and we will arrange to make payments directly - including invoices for all the costs associated with your care - to the provider’s bank account. Whether you contract with an agency, or have personal assistants in place, all you need to do is send the invoices and/or timesheets to Just and we will make the payments on your behalf. This account still allows you to have choice and control over the support you receive.

  • Less paperwork
  • Option to choose care providers
  • Flexibility to change service providers
  • Keeps you in control
  • Regular budget statements
  • Currently no charges made for this service
  • Stepping stone to financial responsibility

You can either discuss this option with your social worker or contact Just Credit Union directly on 01743 252 325.

There are currently no charges for receiving, making payments or providing annual statements.

To enable us to open and operate a Direct Payment Account please complete the online application form.

Alternatively you can download, print and complete the following forms and return them to our office.

For legal purposes we require two additional items one for evidence of your identity and the second as proof of your address.

Once we have received all the information from you we will open the account and provide you with a membership number membership number.

Please note: we are unable to receive or make payments until this process has been completed.

  • You need to advise the Local Authority that an account has been opened and provide them with your membership number so they can arrange to send funds to us.
  • You need to advise any care or service providers that you have authorised us to make payments on your behalf and ask them to send their invoices to us.
  • If you intend to use Sally's Payroll service then the timesheets should be sent directly to them in order that they can calculate the wages due and inform us of the payments to be made.
  • If you require any additional information please contact us.
  • A member in receipt of benefits or salary can open a Direct Payments Managed Account at any time.
  • Each new adult member of Just Credit Union will automatically have a savings account opened in their name.
  • There is a one-off non-refundable membership fee of £4 to open the account.
  • Funds received into this account will be held in (Share 4) on behalf of the Local Authority for care provision as agreed.
  • Invoice payments will only be made to service providers who have been advised as authorised by the member.
  • No dividend (interest) is payable on any savings balance in (Share 4) of this account.
  • FREE life insurance cover is not applicable for any funds (in Share 4) of this account.
  • Just Credit Union are authorised to provide information to the Local Authority for any funds in (Share 4) of this account.
  • If funds need to be returned to the Local Authority as a result of an audit Just Credit Union are authorised to arrange this on the member’s behalf.
  • Members may close their account at any time by completing a Closure of Account form. Just Credit Union reserves the right to require a maximum of 30 days notice of the account closure.
  • Members closing their accounts automatically end their membership and cease to be shareholders in Just Credit Union.

These terms form part of the agreement between you and us and explain the basic terms of the account

Opening accounts

  • Accounts will be opened and issued with an account number once all forms and identification have been received

Giving us your instruction

  • All PA and Care Agencies need to complete a salary form before payments will be made
  • We need to be informed if a payment agreement needs to be removed
  • All change of bank detail instructions need to be in writing

Invoice details

  • All payments will be made four weekly/monthly following receipt of invoice
  • Invoices will not be paid until the work has been completed. Invoices received early will be returned
  • All invoices must state the name/address/membership number/account details to be paid


  • You must use the Carers' Direct Payment to buy the support or services which may support you as described in your support plan - any other requests will need to be agreed with SHROPSHIRE Council and sent to us with a written request and authority
  • If the account is misused or the expectations of the account holder become greater than the service we can provide we hold the right to discuss the closure of the account

What we'll do if an incorrect payment has been made to or from your account

If you tell us that we have made an incorrect payment based on incorrect payment details you gave us, we will make reasonable efforts to recover the payment for you but we may not be able to recover it. If we cannot recover the payment a refund cannot be made.

If you have any further questions regarding the Direct Payment Account please contact us on 01743 252325 or email