It's a very Happy Christmas for Just Credit Union


This Christmas has seen records smashed at Just Credit Union, Shropshire’s not-for-profit community bank.

The month of November not only resulted in the most loans in a single day, but an impressive 26% increase in the number of loans compared to the same month last year. These results are contributing to the most successful Christmas in Just Credit Union’s 16-year history.

It is also a record start to the new financial year building on what has already been a very successful 2017 for the local, ethical financial services provider. New members and loan applications are both at a record high – up by well over 10% year-on-year and continuing to rise.

Just Credit Union’s Chief Officer, Karen Farrow, said, “The start of our new financial year has seen a record number of loan applications, number of loans granted and new members joining the Credit Union.”

“This reflects our continued approach to working within local communities and with local partners to ensure that we are seen as a trusted and ethical financial services provider.”

“Each of our loans includes a savings account which helps our members develop a savings habit for the long term and our members’ savings and loans are recirculated to the benefit of both the community and the local economy.”

2017 has been a memorable year for Just Credit Union who have been recognised by the prestigious Fairbanking Foundation and awarded their highest five star rating.

During the year Just Credit Union has worked closely with a number of community organisations as well as attending numerous community events. Their positive impact on the community was recently recognised by Social Enterprise UK when they were selected as a finalist in the national UK Social Enterprise Awards 2017.

The ‘icing on the Christmas cake’ was the launch of a completely new website designed to provide easy access to information about Just’s savings and loan products as well as online membership and loan applications.