Ex apprentice Amy lands management role


A long-serving member of staff at a not-for-profit community bank, who has been pivotal to its growth and development, has been promoted to a management role.

Amy Jones, who joined Just Credit Union as a 16-year-old business apprentice in August 2004, soon after the organisation was founded, has been appointed Office Manager for Shropshire.

Just Credit Union had less than 1,000 members when Amy started but she has since seen over 6,000 members join and its staff grow from three to more than 10 today.

Amy told us, “During the time I’ve worked at Just it has developed into a more effective and successful credit union.  One of the main reasons I love my job is to watch the credit union ethos evolve and see the changes that result from this. In particular, how new ideas and developments have helped our members and, even more exciting, looking where we could be in the very near future.”

“Being part of the credit union movement has helped me to learn to save, be practical with my money and understand the difference between wanting something and needing it.  Growing up in the credit union environment has also been great for me and my children who have learnt to save and become more money aware.”

She added:  “I am about people – and so is Just Credit Union.”

Amy has been consistently promoted from an apprentice through to the roles of Admin Officer, Admin Co-ordinator and now Office Manager.  During her 14 years she has taken responsibility for her own development, a quality picked up by Just Credit Union’s Chief Officer, Karen Farrow.

“Amy has ensured that the credit union has retained at its heart the provision of an excellent personal service to its members. She has not only operated as a conscientious, hardworking and effective employee, but has been an excellent advocate and ambassador for the credit union model.  She has made a significant contribution to the development of our services and systems and is always prepared to take on additional challenges and look at new ways of doing things.”

Karen added,  “Delivering a fantastic service to our members is core to everything Amy does. This is also something she has ensured is shared by all her colleagues as she has helped train and develop them.”